Tourist service changes
before and during the trip

Flight time changes, flight cancellations or hotel over­bookings require quick and short-term information to travel agencies and guests.

TurnFriendly Operations

TurnFriendly Operations

With the TurnFriendly Operations module, you use a powerful search function to identify the affected flight and product services and offer alternatives that are transmitted to travel agencies via web-based quotation and information workflows – cost recording and on-charging to service providers included.

This is how managing service changes works in detail:

1 Create service change order

To find out which bookings are affected, use the online search for flights and hotels, which specifically searches the booking inventory in a few seconds. The result is displayed directly and the systematized processing is started.

2 Assign alternatives

Alternatives are entered in the order and assigned to all services with a click. The processing of the service change orders is designed for mass processing.

3 Launch web-based workflows

Travel agencies and guests receive information about the service change via e-mail and can directly select the offered alternative via a link.

  • Answers and alternatives are documented directly in the workflow
  • Status of all service changes are monitored by the system
  • Drastic time savings through web-based workflows

4 Record costs and create invoices

Processing fees are recorded in the service change order and automatically assigned to all affected services.

Chargebacks to originators are generated with one click, are multi-currency capable and are transferred to accounting via interfaces.

5 Controlling

Maintain an overview through comprehensive evaluations and monitoring of service change orders (from entry to charging on).

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