Customer service overloaded and
customers frustrated. This does not have to be.

Flood of e-mails, hotline overloaded, customers pissed off: Customer Service is sinking again... Flood of e-mails, hotline overloaded, customers pissed off: Customer Service is sinking again... This is where the problem starts: customers can't find a solution on the FAQ page. This is enormously frustrating....that's why customers call or fill out the stupid contact form that floods your mailbox.The solution is: searchable, always up-to-date FAQ pages combined with smart contact forms.The Customer Solution Center can be easily integrated on any website.Your customers will find a solution for all questions in the Solution Center.When customers need your service to solve the case, service processes are automatically started.Smart contact forms and dynamic FAQ pages relieve customer service and make customers happy.In the future, we will also feed the AI with your customers' wishes. Then you'll know immediately what your customers want.

With the Customer Solution Center
and dynamic FAQs to success.

  • The best customer experience comes when customers can quickly and easily find a solution to their problem. By connecting directly to TurnFriendly, static and incomplete FAQ pages can be replaced with searchable and always up-to-date FAQ pages.
  • Intelligent contact forms enable customers to interact with your company in a new way. Simply map topic-specific concerns with configurable forms that can then be processed automatically. Emails never have to be processed manually again. Your customers receive the fastest possible response and your customer service is noticeably relieved.

Your customers enjoy a noticeably better service and at the same time your customer service is significantly relieved.

The initial situation

What does it really look like in practice in customer service
โ€“ and how can we improve the situation?

1. Problem

Only static FAQ without search function on the company website โ†’ frustrated customers, who do not get the service they expect.

  • They turn outdated FAQ pages into dynamic and searchable sections, providing 24/7 customer self-service. ๐Ÿ’ก
  • You track what your customers have searched for and get valuable and free input.
  • You link the questions to service processes, which can then be started automatically and in some cases even completed completely automatically.
2. Problem

Contact forms send 99.9% emails that have to be processed manually โ†’ Customer Service sinks again.


From now on, you start an automatic service process via contact forms and thus relieve your customer service. ๐Ÿš€

How excellent customer experiences are created โ†“

Reduce manual processing, relieve customer service
โ€“ with the Customer Solution Center from TurnFriendly

  • Offer your customers the best possible self-service
  • Overcome technological and organizational hurdles through a system.
  • Use existing knowledge, especially from analysis of customer complaints.
  • Distinguish between inquiries and customer concerns: Inquiries must be answered immediately, concerns lead to processes.
  • Easy to integrate into any website, without additional programming.
  • Standard concerns that do not require additional research for resolution can be processed fully automatically, including complete written responses.

Reach the top of your industry
with the digital Customer Solution Center