Software platform for optimizing customer service processes

With TurnFriendly you manage complaints, requests, feedback, praise, criticism and ideas.

TurnFriendly CEM Software

All customer concerns in a single system

TurnFriendly Case Management
Case Management

In dealing with complaints, requests and praise – referred to as concerns – usually many areas and departments are involved. TurnFriendly specializes in the company-wide handling of concerns.

  • Manage all customer requests from all communication channels directly in TurnFriendly
  • Gain valuable insights from the customer feedback
  • Improve service quality and differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • With TurnFriendly it is also possible to get active feedback
  • TurnFriendly makes customer journeys visible and you know what makes your customers tick

All communication channels integrated

Multi Channel

Your customers expect to get response quickly, no matter what channel they use for contact. TurnFriendly takes requests from many channels and communicates with your customers in multiple ways:

  • E-mail inboxes from Exchange servers and Lotus Notes
  • scanned incoming mail
  • Document Inbox Webservices for document submission to TurnFriendly
  • Telephony integration with automatic start of data acquisition
  • Integration of existing contact forms
TurnFriendly Multi Channel

Innovation comes through integration

TurnFriendly Integration

The TurnFriendly software platform makes it easy to integrate interfaces with other systems. Not just cloud services, but your existing system landscape – no matter which interface technology. Highly integrated so that customer service processes run efficiently.


  • Customer Master Data
  • Product Master Data
  • Accounts payable
  • Employees
  • Organizational structures
  • E-mails
  • Letters
  • Contact forms
  • Telephony
  • Currencies / exchange rate
  • Reservation Systems
  • ERP-Systems
  • HR-Systems
  • Schedule changes


  • E-mails
  • Webtasks
  • MS Word
  • Refunds
  • Cost transfers
  • Datamarts
  • BaFin-Reports
  • Mass information via e-mails and web tasks


  • Webservices (SOAP/REST)
  • XML
  • CSV
  • LDAP
  • ETL-Tools
  • Database-Adapter

Do you know what makes your customers tick?


TurnFriendly has more than 60 standard reports. Valuable information in real time allows timely improvements and provides a sound basis for decision-making.

TurnFriendly Reporting


  • What makes customers dissatisfied?
  • Do you know the expectations of your customers?
  • Do you keep your service levels?
  • What causes were found?
  • How much has the cost been?


  • These improvement measures were initiated
  • We have turned off the following causes
  • These costs have passed on to causers
  • Customer satisfaction could be measurably increased
  • Compliance with service levels has been increased
  • The number of concerns has risen sharply

Gain valuable insights from customer feedback

TurnFriendly Feedback

With the integrated questionnaire engine, you can quickly create your own surveys and actively get feedback from your customers. The advantage of the TurnFriendly surveys lies in the integration, as you can directly see in the application which customer gave which feedback. The customer journey becomes complete.

Quickly create web-based surveys without programming and evaluate the data directly. Simple design with pictures and dynamic fields. Everything integrated into TurnFriendly – for more customer orientation and proactive action.

TurnFriendly actively displays knowledge,
you do not have to search for it


Our build in knowledge base is also called Active Solution Center because we display knowledge documents without searching. In addition to linkable knowledge sources, knowledge documents can also be entered directly in TurnFriendly and be versioned in case of changes. Each knowledge document can be provided with resubmissions and a validity date in order to ideally support you in the maintenance of your knowledge base.

Examples of applications: solution aids, procedures, product descriptions, text modules

  • Knowledge documents are automatically displayed in the context of request processing
  • Contexts: type of case (complaint, request, etc.), categorization tree, products
  • Versioning
  • File and image upload
  • Editorial process for new knowledge documents
  • Evaluation of the use of knowledge documents by users (1–5 stars)
  • Mobile recording of reports
TurnFriendly Knowledge

Fast and reliable service at the customer’s location

TurnFriendly Portals

We offer intuitive portals especially for user groups that are supposed to capture customer concerns without time-consuming training.

  • Easy acceptance of concerns even on tablets and smartphones
  • Customizable, so customizable to your specific needs
  • Fast service directly at your customers site

How to use customer feedback in sales

Sales & Operations

With the TF-Operations module, we generate information and offers for many customers and very effectively support mass processing of customer concerns.

TurnFriendly Sales & Operations

Set new standards in customer services


Completely web-based, no need to install plug-ins.


Optional modules and numerous functions.

Adaptable design

Adapt the UI and documents to existing corporate designs.


For all industries and companies of all sizes.


Easy integration into existing system environments.

Data protection

Controlled access to data and functions for various user groups.


Define new processes or adapt existing ones quickly and easily.


Contains standard amount of German, English and French.

Powerful tools

All Features

Complaint Management Software

TurnFriendly is one of the leading systems for complaint management.

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