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TurnFriendly - Customer Experience Management

Active Solution Center

The active knowledge base in TurnFriendly is called the active solution centre. It is called ‘active’ because it integrates knowledge documents from very different sources into TurnFriendly and displays them in the context of concerns. Besides external, i.e. existing, sources, you can record knowledge documents directly in TurnFriendly and create new versions by changing them.


The AnsFuG module was added to TurnFriendly as soon as the act came into force on 1 November 2012, in order to satisfy the requirements of the BaFin (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority). The module enables you to display employees, changes and amendments automatically, to identify AnsFuG-relevant complaints and generate the corresponding.


This module enables you to assign tasks, such as writing comments, research, and corrective measures, to groups or employees easily. Easy-to-use configuration tools (wizards) are provided for this purpose.

Control Center

The control center is TurnFriendly’s cockpit. This is where relevant information about incoming and final volumes, and outstanding events are displayed. The control centre can be equipped with both standard charts and company-specific charts (dashlets).

Managing documents

This module transfers incoming mail items or e-mails to TurnFriendly for processing. You can then distribute these via adjustable parameters, likewise connect them to existing DMS systems.

Enterprise Feedback Management

The survey module enables you to create any number of web-based questionnaires. You can design your questionnaires freely and add images and dynamic fields to them. No knowledge of programming is required.

Content recognition

Categorising customer concerns is largely automated in this module. TurnFriendly identifies the contents of e-mails and documents. A solution exists for apparently similar terms and spelling conventions via the use of synonyms which can be maintained in several languages.


TurnFriendly enables you to document and also book payments based on competences. You can transfer payments as bank transfers (SEPA), cheques, credit notes or incentives via interfaces to the central accounting system.

MS Word

The Word module gives you the easiest option for creating and editing your letters to customers. The Word module offers users the Microsoft Word functions they are used to, including spelling and grammar checking.

Service Automation

Example: if a customer answers ‘dissatisfied’ to a question, TurnFriendly automatically starts an active service process. This enables you to contact dissatisfied customers even faster.

Skills-based routing

The skills-based routing module ensures service events are distributed automatically and fast to the responsible teams and employees. Multi-dimensional routing criteria enable a location-wide distribution of events, which can always be adapted to any organisational changes you make.

Smart Input Connector

TurnFriendly enables you to accept forms for contacts and services, using the new smart input connector, without having to change these. All the data from web forms are directly transferred to TurnFriendly without the need for additional interfaces. The automatic startup of service processes is continually optimised and further developed.

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