The TurnFriendly Customer Experience (CX) Cloud is a software platform that provides customer service teams with the best possible support for excellent customer experiences:

Infografik: TurnFriendly Customer Experience (CX) Cloud.

Through cooperation between customer service, service providers and service apps all on one platform.

In the TurnFriendly CX Cloud, companies work hand in hand with software & service experts. This enables demand-oriented collaboration and ensures scalable service processes.

The TurnFriendly CX Cloud is Ready to service.

Your customer service roadmap

How to achieve excellent customer service experiences in the TurnFriendly CX Cloud

Companies need a software solution that, in the best case scenario, is industry-specific and offers a high degree of automation to ease the burden on customer service. Customers don't want to be fobbed off with chatbots or spend their time in annoying telephone waiting loops. Customers want to talk to humans who know what they're talking about and don't want to have to explain all over again what they've already written or told changing contacts.

TurnFriendly CX Cloud ensures complete transparency of all customer concerns – from inquiries to complaints to complex grievances. All feedbacks collected with the integrated TurnFriendly survey tool support the customer service in their daily work. You communicate competently with your customers at any time, from any place, and achieve a high service quality.

This is how scalable customer experience solutions work.

It is not uncommon for peak loads to occur in customer service, resulting in long response times and negative customer experiences. We have rethought customer service: service automation on the one hand and constant process optimization on the other have been our driving force for years. But that's not enough on its own to support overworked customer service teams.

Our solution: the TurnFriendly Customer Experience (CX) Cloud. Benefit not only from the customer experience software, but also from the operational support: customer care professionals who are your service partners in day-to-day business and ensure positive customer experiences together with your customer service.

This is how collaboration between customer service and service partners works in the TurnFriendly CX Cloud

Everyone does what they do best and the software platform is the link in the collaborative cooperation between customer service and the service partners. Depending on the customer service load, individual service tasks such as processing incoming e-mails or call center services can be distributed between customer service and service partners.

In addition, special topics such as complaint handling can be taken over completely by our service professionals, while customer service retains maximum transparency and control options thanks to the TurnFriendly CX Cloud. We make you Ready to Service. If you like, from now on.

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absorb peak loads in customer service

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How did the TurnFriendly CX Cloud come about?

We started developing customer service software almost 20 years ago as a start-up. In 2020, we can count well-known companies from the banking, tourism and retail sectors among our customers and are now what you would call a hidden champion.

TurnFriendly is 100 % German Engineering. We have learned to implement complex service processes as simply as possible. Following the motto "Keep it simple and stupid, but please not quick and dirty" you are Ready to Service with us.

Who are the call center service partners?

AIC Service & Call Center GmbH is a customer service expert that has been active for over 25 years. The AIC service team is available for inbound and outbound calls 365 days a year. As a TurnFriendly Cloud specialist, AIC takes over the professional handling of service processes end-to-end, or even just proportional work steps, such as the acceptance of inquiries and complaints. It doesn't get more flexible than this.