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Complaint management software

2nd-Level Solutions

Complex service processes become simpler

Complex structures and processes can be easily mapped so that all service levels and processes are covered and supported.


of service processes

Powerful work steps for the automatic processing of service processes.


Company-wide case management

Not just complaints – all feedback can be processed and evaluated in a structured manner. All customer cases in one system – from start to finish.

Reporting & Dashboards

Understand customers, improve products, reduce costs

TurnFriendly has more than 60 standard reports. Valuable information in real time allows for timely improvements and provides a well-founded basis for decision-making.

Complaint management

Mapping individual complaint processes

TurnFriendly helps you to map the perfect complaint process through configuration dialogs exactly as required by customer service. Learn more


Smart FAQ pages make the difference

Outdated FAQ pages become dynamic and searchable areas, offering 24/7 customer self-service. Learn more

Law & Regulatory

Meeting regulatory requirements

TurnFriendly supports meeting regulatory requirements. Therefore, various industry solutions are available. Learn more


Integration creates freedom and avoids unnecessary manual work steps

From now on, customer service is no longer isolated, but networked with all the necessary business applications.

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Complaint Management Software

TurnFriendly is one of the leading systems
for complaint management.

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