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TurnFriendly supports companies to make a complete digital Customer Journey Map available.

Why TurnFriendly?

Manage requests, complaints, claims,
feedback & more

Cost advantages in operation

  • Fully web-based and available as an ASP solution
  • More than 90% of the configuration by internal department
  • Use of industrial standards

Company-wide use

  • Professional and technical client capability
  • Scalable enterprise solution
  • Inividual web portal suited for target groups

Time saving while processing

  • Top-topics for fast recording
  • Automatic process distribution
  • 1-click documents for quick response

Intelligent functions

  • Context-based text modules
  • Online reports from suppliers and service providers
  • Integrated knowledge base, which actively displays documents without searching

Company-wide benefits across departments


We work with sortable to-do lists. No more Excel.
Customer Service
The individual dashboards give me a quick overview of the current processing time.
We know what our customers particularly like, since TurnFriendly also measures positive feedback.
The integration of TurnFriendly into our IT landscape went smoothly.
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