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Complaint management software

Complaint processes


Perfect complaint process

TurnFriendly helps you to map the perfect complaint process through configuration dialogs exactly the way you want it: from complaint receipt to response.

Complaint channels

All complaints in one place

Complaints are voiced through many communication channels. E-mails, letters, contact forms and portals.

Complaint Registration

Save a lot of time when recording complaints

The easy to use portal for service and sales helps you to record customer complaints easily. TurnFriendly takes over the filling of extensive forms for you.

Complaint Organization

Automatic distribution of operations

No matter if you prefer a centralized or a distributed handling of complaints. TurnFriendly knows your organizational structure and routes processes automatically to the responsible teams.

Complaint Handling

Overview of the status of complaint processing at any time

If you need help researching and resolving complaints, send digital tasks. Smart to-do lists help you stay on top of things.

Answer complaints

Answer more complaints in less time

You no longer need to create text modules and complete response letters manually.

Regulatory requirements

Compliance with regulatory requirements

TurnFriendly helps you to fulfill regulatory requirements. Therefore, various industry solutions are available.


Integration creates freedom and avoids unnecessary manual work steps

TurnFriendly fetches all data from existing systems, so you don't have to do it manually.

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Complaint Management Software

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