Deutsche Bank

During a thorough software selection process the Deutsche Bank chose TurnFriendly as its central complaint management system. TurnFriendly, called ‘DB Chance’ at the Deutsche Bank, is integrated into the Deutsche Bank system environment and connected to all the communication channels. The sales department uses the service portal developed by TurnFriendly, to pass on customer concerns to the customer service department which processes concerns at several locations.


Commerzbank AG uses TurnFriendly as its complaint management system. TurnFriendly was integrated into the Commerzbank system environment in less than three months. The majority of the concerns are received via e-mail, categorised and automatically distributed to various locations for processing. TurnFriendly forms part of the company-wide quality management system.


One of Germany’s leading direct banks, ING (former ING-DiBa), uses TurnFriendly in its central complaint management system. It took less than four months to develop several interfaces for integrating TurnFriendly into the ING-DiBa system environment.

Trade Republic

At Trade Republic, customer satisfaction comes first. Therefore, Trade Republic has chosen the complaint management system TurnFriendly to meet the high standards of efficiency and quality in handling customer concerns. TurnFriendly contributes significantly to the creation of positive customer experiences and fulfills regulatory requirements at the same time.

Porsche Financial Services

Uncomplicated. Personal. Tailor-made. On this basis, Porsche Financial Services has been offering its customers individual solutions for over 30 years.

The company wants to turn financial services into a world of experience for customers. TurnFriendly provides the tools for this and supports Porsche Financial Services in the implementation of excellent services and the fulfillment of the high customer demands on a premium service provider.


As a subsidiary of the Deutsche Bank norisbank uses TurnFriendly as its concern management system. Incoming concerns are automatically distributed to the concern managers responsible.


One of Germany’s largest tour operators has connected TurnFriendly to its WBS Blank booking system, resulting in a high level of integration, which has made processing complaints dramatically easier. TurnFriendly includes special complaint management modules for the tourism industry.

DER Touristik Deutschland

TurnFriendly is used by DER Touristik Deutschland in the customer service department for processing complaints during and after the trip. The customer service processes were optimized and improved with the web-based TurnFriendly workflows from the input management to the answer. The optimized processing of recourse guarantees the complete coverage of tourist service processes up to the invoice preparation in SAP.

FTI Group

The FTI Group based in Munich uses TurnFriendly in regions as far away as its target regions. The complaint management system optimises and simplifies complaint management processes via its agents and headquarters.


As a tour operator BigXtra relies on TurnFriendly for processing complaints. Its integration into the WBS Blank booking system ensures smooth processes and informative reports.


The company has around 20 holiday countries in its portfolio and offers a comprehensive hotel program, from simple 3-star hotels to the 5-star luxury segment. The tour operator has its own incoming agencies, hotel transfers and tour guides in the destination areas.

At the World Travel Awards (WTA), Anex Tour 2022 was named winner for the first time in the “Europe’s leading tour operator” category.

Schauinsland Reisen

Schauinsland Reisen finds quality and customer satisfaction most important. The tour operator uses TurnFriendly to implement its high quality standards. Here too TurnFriendly was integrated into the WBS Blank booking system. uses TurnFriendly for the complaint management and customer service. We reached a fast integration in the existing IT infrastructure by an individual interface to the reservation system. TurnFriendly perfectly supports the customer service and all the service processes of


hagebau Handelsgesellschaft für Baustoffe mbH & Co. KG is represented with more than 1,700 locations in Europe. TurnFriendly is used for processing complaints and serves to communicate between the head office and the individual markets. hagebau uses the Application Service Providing (ASP) offered for TurnFriendly and thus receives all necessary services from a single source.


The core business of Gunz is the international distribution of more than 1,200 articles in the segments confectionery, bakery products, snacks and beverages. TurnFriendly is used by Gunz primarily for recording complaints and inquiries from customers (B2B, B2C) and suppliers. Gunz uses the TurnFriendly portal in field service and in the field of storage. Integration into the system landscape took place by connecting he merchandise management system via interfaces. TurnFriendly helps to fulfill the requirements of the ISO.


The manufacturer of technically specialised paper has restructured its complaint management system: another example of how complaint management can be used meaningfully in the manufacturing sector (paper production).

ERGO Group

Holding workshops and giving advice at what was KarstadtQuelle, insurance and complaint management at financial services providers.
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