Customer Experience Management Software for service provider

TurnFriendly Services

TurnFriendly Services helps service companies increase customer complaint satisfaction and strengthen sustainable customer loyalty.

The direct line to a
TurnFriendly expert

Manage all inquiries, complaints, claims, feedbacks and other concerns.


Competence from a single source –
software plus industry-specific know-how

TurnFriendly Services provides service companies with an industry-specific platform for handling inquiries, complaints, praise and feedback.

Complete hosting package

You have the option to hostTurnFriendly with us or on a server in your company. The ASP solution relieves your IT department and your data is protected in a German datacenter. When setting up you get professional support from our TurnFriendly experts.

  • Rent instead of buying
  • Hardware and software: everything from a single source
  • One contact person
  • Scalable
  • Data Interfaces
  • Training and production environment
Portal for customer issues

The branches are provided with an intuitively operated portal for the collection and reporting of customer issues. Use TurnFriendly at your desk or on the go. For user groups requiring a simple surface. Secure login via single sign-on and coupled with the core application.

  • Mobile friendly
  • Clear GUI
  • Process integrated
  • Single Sign-on
  • For customers, prospective customers, sales and external partners

What is TurnFriendly good for?

Customer feedback is very valuable to us, as the satisfaction of our customers is a critical success factor, especially as a service company.
TurnFriendly thinks from the point of view of the customer, so it is the ideal tool for our service company.
Since I can also use TurnFriendly as a on-demand software, I have been able to significantly reduce the project runtime and costs.

All the Features
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Discover which features of TurnFriendly help you solve your customer complaints faster.


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