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TurnFriendly Travel

TurnFriendly Travel is a software platform for tour operators and airlines that specializes in the digitalization of tourist service processes (before, during and after the trip).

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Manage all inquiries, complaints, claims, feedbacks and other concerns.


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TurnFriendly Travel integrates reservation and master data so that digital processes
for tourism can be system-supported and individually mapped.

Powerful tools for your customer service management

Our industry solution was initially designed specifically for tour operators and has now developed into a comprehensive CXM platform for tourism. It ensures that customer services can process customer concerns faster and that the bookings required are available in TurnFriendly. The interfaces of WBS Blank and ATCOM are integrated from the start. Additional booking and back-office systems are or can be also integrated into TurnFriendly as a matter of course. Travel agents can use TurnFriendly equally well.

  • Connection to target regions
  • Quality reports on service providers
  • Application for clients and brands possible
  • Integration of reservation systems (WBS Blank, ATCOM and others)
Tourist service changes and mass info

Before the trip:
Record service changes for flights and hotels, carry out crisis management and send mass information. Capture hotel and construction site reports online.

During the trip:
Integrate incoming agencies and tour guides. Manage service changes for return flights or overbooked hotels. Record and compensate complaints promptly on site.

After the trip:
Manage recourse to top performers, QM reports and satisfaction surveys.

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TurnFriendly Operations

  • Multibranding
  • Direct capture of hotel
    and destination reports
  • Complaint rate per hotel
    and destination area
  • Service changes evaluation
Agents and tour guides

Tour guides and agents can access TurnFriendly via the browser and view services already booked. They can record concerns and complaints directly in TurnFriendly and, if requested, award compensation in accordance with stored competences. They can also record reports on hotels, locations and target regions online directly in TurnFriendly and visualise these, by means of images. TurnFriendly displays the online reports alongside the related bookings automatically. The system ensures greater efficiency in the tourism industry.

  • Creates reports on hotels and target regions online and distributes these automatically
  • Immediate action and compensation in the target region
  • Regression processes for service providers
Statistics – Your quality management is already integrated

TurnFriendly determines detailed quality statistics that make the shortcomings in services and their causes transparent. It then evaluates these by category, service provider or target region. For example, it determines claim quotas in relation to the number of bookings and passengers or any compensation and regression included in the evaluations of service providers TurnFriendly also evaluates WBS Blank data from the BLAISD interfaces.

  • Detailed quality reports
  • Statistics for target regions with claim quotas, bookings and passengers
  • Hotel statistics with claim quotas, bookings and passengers
  • Evaluation of service providers

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TurnFriendly can do (even) more

Drastic optimization of service processes
is guaranteed

  • Information and documentation in the Contact Center (multilingual)
  • Instead of lists: Online information supply
    in the target area
  • tourism document management system
  • Conveniently generate mass information
    (flights, hotels, crises)
  • Quotation processes for processing service changes
  • online surveys of (your) guests

Digitale Customer Journey Map

TurnFriendly Travel specializes in service processes
in tourism – before, during and after the trip.

1 Before the journey

  • Changes in services for flights and hotels
  • Crisis management and mass information
  • Online hotel and construction site reports

2 During the journey

  • Integration of incoming agencies and tour guides
  • Changes in services for return flights and hotel overbookings
  • Reclamations during the trip
  • On-site (direct) compensation

3 After the journey

  • Complaints after the trip
  • Refunds to customers
  • Recourse to service providers
  • QM reporting
  • Satisfaction surveys

20 years experience in the tourism sector

We know the structure of tourist data: many tourism companies use
TurnFriendly successfully. Discover more about our clients

With TurnFriendly we are able to process and control our complaint and information processes significantly better. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also helps us to save costs. This is a win-win situation.
Rüdiger Kölsch Rüdiger Kölsch
Head Quality Management
DER Touristik Deutschland

What is TurnFriendly good for?

As a Customer Service Manager, I can send mass information to guests and travel agencies.
As a Product Manager, I am able to provide meaningful hotel and target area reports from TurnFriendly
As a Customer Service Manager, I can use Web-based forms to obtain advice from target agencies and tour operators.
As a Tour Guide, I can record construction site reports online in TurnFriendly and can update them comfortably and upload pictures.
As a Customer Service Manager, I can now manage performance changes before the trip completely with TurnFriendly.
As a Tour Guide,, I use TurnFriendly to document all customer requirements during the trip.

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