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TurnFriendly Healthcare is a web-based software platform that manages requests, complaints, and feedback from your patients across the hospital.

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Manage all inquiries, complaints, claims, feedbacks and other concerns.


The Patient Experience Challenge

Complaint management is not an Excel list

Frequently, hospitals enter complaints in Excel lists. However, the process itself is paper-based or implemented on the basis of e-mails.

TurnFriendly Healthcare thinks in a patient-oriented way and pursues the goal of making all concerns, especially complaints, transparent throughout the company.

A key advantage of TurnFriendly Healthcare is the complete implementation of the complaint management process in one system as well as the integration of all stakeholders in the digitalized process. Through the holistic approach, valuable information is gained and service quality is measurably increased.

TurnFriendly Healthcare: Disadvantages of manual complaint management shown graphically.

Our solution

This is how we envision enterprise-wide
concern management for hospitals

Advantages through TurnFriendly Healthcare: Complaint management in healthcare.

With TurnFriendly Healthcare, individual concern management processes for hospitals can be controlled. Through configuration and without programming, for example, hospital-specific categorization trees, forms, authorizations and workflows are set individually. The organizational structure of hospitals, their departments and wards are stored in TurnFriendly Healthcare.

The complaint management process for hospitals in detail:


1. Receive concern

Centralize all complaints in one system

  • Acceptance of all complaints through everyday contact channels: E-mails, letters, telephone
  • Mobile recording of complaints at the bedside
  • Consideration of all stakeholders → patients, relatives, referring physicians
  • Replacing contact forms on websites with smart complaint forms
Complaint management software: TurnFriendly Healthcare to-do list.

2. Distribute concerns

TurnFriendly automates the distribution of complaints

  • Automatic routing of concerns to the appropriate clinic, department or ward → Skills-based routing
  • Unnecessary idle times are avoided
  • The number of open complaints per subject area and per organizational unit helps to maintain an overview

3. Edit concerns

Collect and structure valuable information during complaint processing

  • Categorize concerns → texts become evaluable structures
  • Create notices of receipt and interim notices
  • Obtain opinions using web-based workflows
  • Analyze causes
  • File documents and notes in the electronic concern file
Image: Handling complaints in the hospital with TurnFriendly Healthcare.

4. Answer request

Use the integrated letter writing of TurnFriendly

  • Letter templates save an enormous amount of time when creating reply letters
  • Create reply letters with MS Word or as an e-mail
  • Text modules can also be used in multiple languages
  • Integrated knowledge base automatically displays context-based solution suggestions

5. Evaluate concerns

Thanks to TurnFriendly Healthcare complaint reporting, you gain valuable insights

  • Detailed dashboard with drill-down analysis functions
  • Complaint evaluation per clinic, department and ward
  • Frequency of the reason for complaint about medical treatment and care
  • Prior-year comparisons by concern type
  • Monitoring of open concerns
  • Monitoring of the service level agreements (SLA)
  • Quality reporting and root cause analysis
  • Cost reporting
  • Questionnaire evaluations and feedback analyses
  • Valuable input for the quality management of the hospital
Image: Complaint Management Report with TurnFriendly Healthcare.

6. Improve quality

Create a sound basis for decision-making for timely improvements

  • Eliminate identified causes
  • Initiate corrective action → Relationship to complaint reasons is established.
  • Optimize processes
  • Promote error prevention culture
  • Implementation of the Complaints Management Hospital Act
  • Quality management Guidelines of the G-BA fulfilled.

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Mapping of individual service processes for your clinic

All technical content can be configured through administration dialogs
and adapted at any time.

Stakeholder & Person characteristics
  • Patients
  • Relatives
  • Referring physicians
Organizational structure & Responsible
  • Clinics
  • Departments
  • Stations
Medical categorization trees
  • Treatment
  • Care
  • Organization
User authorization
  • Detailed authorization concept
  • Single Sign-On
Adaptation of the forms
  • Definition of individual fields
  • Selection lists
  • Checkboxes
Letter Templates & Text Modules
  • Multilingual
  • Word and e-mail templates
  • Placeholder
System features
  • Multi-client capable
  • DSGVO-compliant
  • Audit-proof
  • Multilingual
  • Web-based
  • Scalable
Workflows for web-based service processes
  • Powerful workflow engine
  • Task Management
  • Comments
  • Self-definable checklists
Risk-Detection module
  • Rule-based risk management
  • Early detection of critical incidents within the complaint handling process. (CIRS)

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