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TurnFriendly is more than just a simple complaint management Software. With it, you have overreaching and flexible application possibilities for different parts/areas of your company.

TurnFriendly benefits

Your Benefits

Extend the screens and forms, by using the interactive form designer to add fields.

Create automatically acknowledgements of receipt, intermediate replies and personalised customer writings (letters and e-mails).

For detailed evaluations more than 60 reports are available with just one click.

The regulated application access is precisely configured and ensured over many permissions and user roles.

Do you manage all customer request
in a single system?


We work with sortable to-do lists. No more Excel.
Handy: You can customize web forms and all data contents yourself.

“With TurnFriendly I have access to every single complaint process, since it is all in a single system. It doesn’t even matter which in which way the issue is received.“

– Customer Service –

I am approximatly ten times faster than before, since all work steps are done in a single system.
The integrated knowledge base shows me suitable documents. I don’t have to search for them myself anymore and safe a lot of time.

How long does it take to inform yourself
about every customer request?


All evaluations are also available in Excel format. That helps me tremendously.
I get my evaluations in realtime. So I always have current numbers.

“TurnFriendly provides me with relevant complaints reports, which represent the customer, product and cost view. With this data base, we make the right decisions and initiate important improvements.“

– Quality Management –

The individual dashboards give me a quick overview of the current processing time.
Now I do not have to distribute any more reports, because I can give my contact persons permissions for individual evaluations.

How often do you get asked by customers,
when they will finally recive an answer?


We release our complaint rates in our catalouges – to our customers delight.
We know what our customers particularly like, since TurnFriendly also measures positive feedback.

“Product-related complaint rates are the basis for the selection and negotiations with suppliers. By using TurnFriendly we recognize quality deficiencies much faster and can eliminate the causes. So we do not anger our customers for an unnecessary amount of time.“

– Sales –

An up-to-date supplier evaluation is available at all times.

Do you drown in customer mails?


The integration of TurnFriendly into our IT landscape went smoothly.
TurnFriendly is further developed and maintained. I can rely on that.
Fortunately, I do not have to worry so much about TurnFriendly, it just works.

„We are glad that we have recommended TurnFriendly to our department. The functionality of this system is quite impressive.“

– IT –

I didn’t know that TurnFriendly is available as a hosted solution. They really care about everything!
We could never have developed this that quickly and at that cost.
We do not need a separate archive, since TurnFriendly keeps all the documents.

No more Excel lists and
seperate software

Use TurnFriendly as a standard software for your company-wide customer service management. TurnFriendly will help you to adjust your services to the needs of your customers.

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